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Navigating New Tenant Protection Ordinances in Goleta

Navigating New Tenant Protection Ordinances in Goleta

As the winds of change sweep through Santa Barbara County, Goleta City Council has followed suit with its neighbor, enacting its own set of tenant protection measures. This shift in the local legislative landscape underlines the growing complexity of property management within the region, underscoring the importance of professional oversight. Property owners must now navigate not only the geographical distinctions between properties within the city limits of Santa Barbara, Goleta, and the unincorporated areas but also the legal nuances each area presents.

Goleta's New Urgency Ordinance: What Property Managers Need to Know

In a significant move, the Goleta City Council has passed an urgency ordinance aimed at protecting tenants. While this development was influenced by community engagement, it is not the final word on the matter. The council has expressed a desire to refine this ordinance after discussions with both housing providers and tenants, aiming for a more balanced approach in early 2024.

Key Exemptions and Implications

The urgency ordinance introduces specific exemptions, including:

  • Properties granted occupancy within the last 15 years.
  • Single-family dwellings and condos not owned by corporations, LLCs, or under the management of mobile home parks.
  • Owner-occupied units rented for less than a year where the tenant shares amenities with the owner.
  • Short-term subleases and vacation rentals, among others.

Understanding these exemptions is critical for property owners and managers to ensure compliance.

Mandatory Measures for No-Fault Terminations

For no-fault just cause terminations, the ordinance stipulates several requirements, including:

  • Good faith withdrawal from the rental market.
  • Compliance with legal and safety codes.
  • Owner or family move-ins, with strict move-in timelines and occupancy requirements.
  • Demolition or substantial remodels, which require detailed notices and permits.

Rights and Assistance for Displaced Tenants

Displaced tenants are afforded certain protections, including:

  • The right of first refusal to return post-remodel.
  • Relocation assistance equaling two months' rent for no-fault terminations.
  • Mandatory offers of a one-year lease to new and renewing tenants.

Reinforcing the Role of Professional Property Management

These changes bring to light the intricacies involved in managing rental properties in Goleta and Santa Barbara. With ordinances varying by location, it's more crucial than ever for property owners to have a professional property manager who can adeptly navigate these laws. Professional management ensures not only compliance but also the maintenance of a fair and just relationship between landlords and tenants.


The Goleta City Council's urgency ordinance is a harbinger of the evolving property landscape. This development reinforces the necessity for property owners to employ professional property managers, as they can deftly handle the varying ordinances across Santa Barbara and Goleta, as well as the unincorporated areas. With the potential for significant legal and financial repercussions, the expertise of a seasoned property manager has become an invaluable asset for property owners in the region.

Stay informed and ensure your properties remain compliant and profitable by connecting with Mission City Property Management. Our team is ready to guide you through the latest ordinances and optimize your management strategy. Visit our blog for detailed insights and expert advice tailored to your property management needs.

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