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Tenant Screening

We work hard to find the right tenant for your investment

Santa Barbara Tenant Screening

At Mission City Property Management, we're all about finding not just any tenant, but the perfect tenant for your rental. While a speedy rental process is important, we believe that the RIGHT tenant is paramount. This approach ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Our tenant screening process goes above and beyond the basics. We understand that it's not just about quick credit checks and employment verifications. It's about creating a harmonious and stress-free rental environment.

  • Credit Check: We assess credit, but that's just the beginning.
  • Employment Verification: Confirming employment stability.
  • Debt-to-Income Ratios: Ensuring financial stability.
  • Eviction History Check: A crucial step in assessing reliability.
  • Criminal History Check: Prioritizing safety for all parties.
  • Previous Landlord Calls: Gathering insights from past landlords.

Our screening process is holistic, considering the applicant as a whole rather than just a credit score. This comprehensive approach has a track record of delivering outstanding results.

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